Student Wholeness: WHAT WE WILL DO

City Schools students are inspired to pursue their passions and develop their potential when schools provide engaging, safe, and supportive environments that foster well-being and meet academic, social, emotional, and physical needs.


BUILD communities of students, staff, families, volunteers, and partners, where every member is known and valued, and where learning is celebrated every day

RESPECT students’ backgrounds and experiences, and teach in ways that connect to students’ real lives

TEACH academic and non-academic content, including self-awareness, social awareness, goal setting, decision making, and relationship building

SET shared expectations for healthy school communities and positive behavior, using restorative practices to resolve conflict

OFFER enrichment and extracurricular activities that spark students’ interests and promote their curiosity

PROVIDE a safe space where students in crisis get the support they need to return to the classroom

CONNECT students and families with resources in the community

SUPPORT health and well-being with free meals, sports and fitness, and medical services such as vision screenings, dental care, and immunizations