Student Wholeness IN ACTION

Through a new partnership with Under Armour, the Baltimore Ravens, and the InSideOut Initiative, high school athletes will experience interscholastic athletics not just as an opportunity to excel on the field or the court, but as a way to connect with caring adults and to develop empathy, fairness, responsibility, and respect. Our high school athletic directors and coaches will have access to professional learning opportunities on using sports as an extension of the classroom to build character and develop well-rounded students. With additional support from Under Armour, students on high school teams will receive new uniforms, building their confidence and motivating them to greater success.

Restorative practices build positive communities based on the premise that open, respectful communication helps reduce conflict. When conflict does occur, restorative practices encourage students to focus not on punishment, but on the harm caused and on ways to repair relationships. In partnership with Open Society Institute–Baltimore,  principles of restorative practices will be adopted across the district and 15 schools will receive intensive training in the approach from the International Institute for Restorative Practices, the Community Conferencing Center, and other trained practitioners. In addition, schools will establish supervised safe spaces where students can receive social, emotional, and academic support and interventions.

City Schools is committed to continuing and expanding programs and partnerships that improve the well-being of our students. In 2017-18, the district will begin offering free suppers to students who participate in after-school activities, in addition to providing free breakfast and lunch to all students. Partnerships like Vision for Baltimore will continue to bring needed health services to our students, and the resources provided through community schools will give students and families access to services such as food pantries and mental health counseling.