Scaling Up for Success

In the 2017-18 school year, all schools (excluding charter and contract schools) will begin implementing many of the blueprint components—for example, adopting the CASEL framework, prioritizing literacy across grades and content areas, and making opportunities for teachers and staff to work and learn together.

In addition, schools will have the opportunity to apply to become one of 55 “intensive learning sites,” 20 focused on growth in literacy and 35 on student wholeness—with 15 of the latter concentrating on implementation of restorative practices.

This strategy means that, while all schools will be guided by the blueprint, 55 will accelerate implementation to become districtwide resources, with leaders and staff who can serve as mentors and collaborators with peers at other schools.

City Schools is also developing critical partnerships to support this work. Parents and family members will be encouraged and supported as key contributors to student and school success. Community and business partners have provided expertise along with generous in-kind and financial support to schools for many years, and those relationships are essential to realizing our vision.

Development of the blueprint would not have been possible without the input of all members of our community, and its successful implementation will depend on the continuing support of students, families, staff, and stakeholders. Through transparent communication and opportunities for feedback, we will gain ideas and expertise to adjust, adapt, and continue to move forward. That’s what happens in a community of learners.