When reading, writing, speaking, and listening are part of learning in all subject areas, students gain complex knowledge, deep conceptual understanding, and the ability to write well and express themselves powerfully.


PRIORITIZE literacy as the foundation for all learning and the key to opportunity

SUPPORT a staff member in every school to serve as a resource on literacy instruction for all teachers

IMPLEMENT a highly coherent framework for literacy instruction, aligned to state and international standards and incorporating instructional approaches to meet all students’ needs

GROW as professional learning communities, where teachers have time to plan, reflect, and collaborate, and instructional leaders provide ongoing feedback to improve literacy instruction in all grades and subjects

PROVIDE engaging opportunities for students to read and produce texts of all kinds, online and in print, in ways that connect to their real lives

EMPOWER students to take charge of their learning, with opportunities to share their work with real audiences and track their growth over time

CELEBRATE student work, with community events such as displays of student writing, debate tournaments, research forums, or spoken word presentations

PROVIDE families with information about and resources for reading and writing at home