Leadership: WHAT WE WILL DO

When staff members have opportunities to grow as professionals and leaders, they inspire, create, and participate in high-performing learning communities that promote equity and excellence for all students.


CREATE a culture of learning for all members of the school community, where adults seek out new information and ideas and become models of lifelong learning for students

CREATE opportunities for all members of the school community to take leadership roles, including staff, students, families, and partners

DEVELOP deeply knowledgeable, highly effective instructional leadership teams to coach staff members and provide feedback

PROVIDE targeted professional learning and mentors for new teachers and new principals

PROVIDE time in the work day for teachers to plan, reflect, collaborate, and participate in a community of professionals

USE data from a range of sources to inform continuous improvement of practice

OPTIMIZE professional pathways for teachers and school leaders, maximizing opportunities for developing content knowledge, coaching, research, and new leadership roles