City Schools annual budget process is an opportunity to articulate how resources are aligned with the district’s focus areas and needs of our students.

Children icon Student wholeness – Students should have access to programs and supports that meet their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs and interests.
 Opportunity through literacy – Students should have strong literacy skills that enable them to think deeply and communicate powerfully.
School and district leadership – Staff members should be empowered to grow and lead from their space.

Over the years the district has also made strategic decisions that come with significant costs. These decisions were based on the belief that our students deserve high-quality school options, teachers, and learning spaces – and City Schools remains committed to providing these to our students.

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Full-day, high-quality pre-k 21st Century School Buildings Plan Middle and high school choice Teacher Career Pathways

2 thoughts on “What Guides Us

  1. Anonymous Reply

    There are a few, but only a few high-quality school options, so where did those intended investments go? And how is it strategic to invest in things with a high cost the district cannot afford? A strategic investment would be fewer schools with more resources.

  2. Silence Dogood Reply

    Thank you very much for opening up this much information.

    It’s going to be a difficult task for the city to come to grips with its shrinking population. We are now some 30% smaller than we were in 1970 and the shrinking continues. The school district hasn’t kept pace. We need to shrink all of the overhead that we can’t afford any more.

    I don’t envy the professionals that must make these decisions. Best of luck. Start at North avenue.

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