Determining the Position Landscape

Once all school budgets are finalized, City Schools can determine the number and type of positions needed in schools and the district office next year.

Meanwhile, during the month of April, employees will be asked to indicate their intention to remain with City Schools next year, resign, or retire.

With this information, City Schools can determine how many staff members will need to be laid off, who can be reassigned, and what positions need to be filled. This is referred to as the “position landscape.”

Timeline for Staffing:

Layoffs: What to Expect

Layoffs will occur only where there are more people than positions within a given job title or subject area. For classroom teachers, layoffs will occur by subject area (e.g., elementary, English, social studies). For all other positions, layoffs will occur by job classification.

Layoff Ranking Criteria:

BTU Layoff Implementation:

For BTU members, the following criteria will be used:

  • Certification / subject area: Area of certification
  • Qualifications: Employee performance evaluation and number of teaching certificates held
  • BTU seniority: Length of time in a BTU position

3 thoughts on “Staffing

  1. Anonymous Reply

    I don’t think qualifications refers to evaluation. It relates to area of certification and teaching assignment or to a lost conditional or expired certification.

  2. Wolf Reply

    I keep seeing the following statement: “Qualifications: Employee performance evaluation and number of teaching certificates held”
    According to the BTU contract “Employee performance evaluation” can not be used as a factor when deciding who is laid off and who is not. Some one at central office needs to be advised as to this key fact. Any person being laid off due to their evaluation rating will have a strong legal leg to stand on for reinstatement.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Is there a definition somewhere of “qualifications.” I would imagine that everyone in a particular position is qualified to be interviewed and hired for their position, so is qualifications then looking for things over and above what the position required? If so, how are those weighted?

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